Learning projects for executives, innovators, and young leaders.

Among is a team of experts in learning and development, offering customized educational formats for executives, innovators, and young leaders. Our unique approach combines experience and lectures to create inspiring learning experiences to raise the impact on organizations and communities.


Transforming education through customized formats.

At Among, we are on a mission to revolutionize education by developing customized formats that empower individuals to embrace new behaviors and generate solutions to thrive in time of uncertainty. Our unique value proposition lies on our ability to combine human knowledge, data, and technologies that meet the demand of the decision makers , innovators, and all those who face the change.


Our social commitment
on future leaders.

Explore our learning platforms especially designed to develop future-proof skills of kids and young adults.


Scientific thinking

Maestranatura is a learning framework designed for primary school children based on three key questions: «where it comes from», «what it is for», «how it works». The framework has been adopted by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità to carry on an experimental food literacy program funded by the Italian Health Ministry as action within the Decade of Action on Nutrition of United Nations.

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Curiosity and responsibility

Onland is a digital platform aiming to bring physically young people to museums by creating a new relationship with these places, such as open spaces of the urban context and endless resources for continuous learning. Through the Forum “Youth and Museums” a panel of students co-design with museums new visiting experiences and multifunctional spaces to transform museums in place that young people love to belong.

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To ensure our clients’ privacy, we keep the names of collaborating companies and individuals confidential, we are happy to share references upon request.

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Our tailor-made learning projects refer to three main content areas:


Dive into Art to enhance creativity and problem-solving skills.


Learn from Science to foster critical thinking and data-driven mindset.


Observe animal behaviors to improve leadership and communication skills.


Unleash the power of learning with Among.

Among offers innovative and customized educational formats that empower persons and organizations to develop new skills and foster behavioral change. Our proven impact sets apart from the competion enabling to:

Generate Ideas:

Cultivating a mindset that encourages critical thinking and creative solutions.

Analyze Complex Problems:

Developing the ability to dissect and understand intricate issues for effective decision-making.

Strength Community Bonds:

Encouraging collaboration and a sense of belonging within diverse communities.

Foster Responsible Behaviors:

Nurturing a sense of responsibility and ethical awareness in personal and professional contexts.

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